Made with 14k gold filled or sterling silver chain

Made with a moveable briolette charm

The Cosette Charm Necklace

  • Moonstone: Compassion & Intuition

    Labradorite: Stress Reduction

    Citrine: Success & Mental Clarity

    Garnet: Self Confidence & Love

    Peridot: Balance & Compassion

    Iolite: Curiosity 

    Turquoise: Stress Relief & Protection

    Aquamarine: Courage & Peace

    Pearl: Truth & Charity

    Opal: Inspiration & Creativity

    Pink Peruvian Opal: Gentleness & Love

    Sunstone: Abundance & Good Fortune

    Black Spinel: Stress Relief & Prosperity

    Chrysoprase: Power & Prosperity

    Tourmalated Quartz: Protection & Anxiety Reduction

    Abalone Shell: Emotional Stability 


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