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About Us

celestial Jewels is a small business out of nashville, TN that all ages can enjoy. Our main goal as a company is to not only share our jewels with you, but illuminate the beautiful jewel our customers are on the outside and inside. We strive to share the deeper meaning behind each gem so that each necklace means more to you than just its outward appearance. We name our necklaces with girl names to show the uniqueness in all our designs and in every girl. We hope you enjoy our designs and we thank you for your interest and support!

Celeste Angelina Pascarella

Business Owner

TO all the gems out there! I hope i have provided an easy way for you to love something you wear! Each piece of Jewelry I make is unique and beautiful Just like all of you!

If you have any suggestions i would love to hear from you! You can reach out to me via email!